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Laser cutting

With laser cutting of metal users can achieve exceptional quality of final products: the focused beam is directed on the processed metal resulting in its melting and evaporation; at the same time the left-overs of melting are blown away by powerful jet of gas.

Pros: no mechanical impact on treated material, a wide range of processed materials, high precision of cutting with accuracy of 0.05 mm, small diameter of the laser beam provides very narrow seam, possibility of manufacturing of products of any complexity.

Plasma cutting

During plasma cutting processing of material is performed by low-temperature plasma generated by arc or high frequency plasmatrons which changes the shape, size, structure of the processed material or condition of its surface. Plasma cutting includes: dividing and surface cutting, coating, cladding, welding and demolition of rocks (plasma drilling).

Waterjet Cutting

As a cutting tool water jet cutting machines use a jet of water or mixture of water and abrasive sand emitted at a very high speed and under high pressure. In nature this process is called water erosion.

Pros: no thermal impact on the material (the temperature in the cutting zone 60-90 º C), cutting thicknesses up to 300 mm with very high precision of cutting of thicknesses up to 8 mm; no burning away of alloying elements, no melting and burning of material on cutting edges and heat effected zones.