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Construction steel

Construction steel with very high level of strength is used in products where it is important to decrease weight while maintaining high strength. Grades of steel depending on strength:

• SS (soft steel) - yield strength up to 220 MPa t
• HSS (high strength steel) - yield strength up to 390 MPa
• VHS (very high strength steel) - yield strength up to 550 MPa
• EHS (extra high strength steel) - yield strength up to 800 MPa
• UHS (ultra-high strength steel) - yield strength over 800 MPa

Construction steel with high and very high strength has excellent flexibility in cold condition, which allows to create advanced design with rational location of welds (in the least-loaded zones). Especially EHS and VHS steel has a widespread use the production of cranes. Higher strength allows to use thinner sheets while maintaining or improving the design parameters. At the same time higher strength reduces consumption of welding consumables, time of welding, and decreases the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Wear resistant steel

Wear resistant steel was designed for applications in conditions of extreme wear in mining industry, construction of roads, production of mining, construction and agricultural equipment, as well as spare parts for this equipment. Good examples can be rock buckets, crushers, tipper bodies as well as knives and discs in agro equipment. 

Tool steels

One of the most important characteristics of tool steels is the viscosity characterized by resistance to cracks and fracture under impact of loads (usually expressed by value of toughness MJ / m2 ).

Although hardness is an essential characteristic of tool steels, it is not recommended  to have very high values of hardness as it always reduces toughness and viscosity of the steel. If steel does not have sufficient viscosity, it can not be used for manufacturing of tools used in conditions of significant dynamic loads (for example, cutting knives for scrap).