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As a recognized leader in the production of steel armor sheets and ballistic protection means, the SSAB company has more than half a century of experience and thousands of implemented design and construction solutions, distinguished by an innovative approach to the production of steel, both commercial and and defense purpose. A full range of protective armored sheets with a hardness of 300 to 600 units on the Brinell scale is produced under the ARMOX brand. All of them are distinguished by guaranteed mechanical properties, strict thickness tolerances, excellent quality of surface treatment.

Rely on ARMOX steel to become an impregnable wall between you and any threat, both today and in the future!


Armor sheets with unsurpassed indicators of hardness and shock resistance.

The world’s strongest armor steel ARMOX 500T with a nominal hardness of 500 Brinell units is used in automotive, construction and many other industries.

An incomplete list of advantages of ARMOX 500T steel armor:

excellent protective properties
the highest suitability for mechanical processing
wide opportunities for optimization of solutions
an ideal combination of strength and impact toughness, which provides a high degree of resistance to armor penetration and anti-explosive protection
knowledge and experience of SSAB in the field of ballistic protection

Our armored steel dramatically expands the possibilities of strengthening the protection of vehicles while reducing their weight.

ARMOX 500T steel does not need additional heat treatment.

Mechanical properties

hardness (HBW) – 480 – 540
Sharpe impact strength – 32 J/-400C
fluidity limit Rp0.2, МПа – 1250
strength limit Rm, МПа – 1450 – 750
relative elongation A50, 10%

Chemical composition (bucket sample), %:

C – 0.32
Si – 0.4
Mn – 1.2
P – 0.015
S – 0.010
Cr – 1.01
Ni – 1.81
Mo – 0.7
B – 0.005


ARMOX 600T steel is an insurmountable wall between you and any threat.
When there is no other obstacle between a man and a bullet flying into him than a sheet of steel, it is highly desirable that the steel should be sufficiently hard and strong. Those who produce armored personnel carriers, armored limousines for the heads of the largest corporations or deal with the equipment of shelters for world celebrities need steel of proven quality and efficiency.

ARMOX 600T combines good ballistic properties with excellent impact toughness.

ARMOX 600T is available in thicknesses from 4.0 to 20.0 mm. Other sizes subject to SSAB approval.

Mechanical properties

hardness HBW – 570 – 640
Sharpe impact strength 12 J/ -400C

Chemical composition (bucket sample), %:

C – 0.47
Si – 0.7
Mn – 1.0
P – 0.01
S – 0.005
Cr – 1.5
Ni – 3.0
Mo – 0.7
B – 0.005

Choosing HARDOTEC you choose real confidence in the product.

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In the production of parts we use high-strength steels from the Swedish concern SSAB


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