Wear-resistant steels HARDOX

We offer for sale HARDOX® wear-resistant steels: 400, 450, 500 Tuf®, Extreme®. The products of the HARDOX® line will help to solve any problems related to wear.

HARDOX steel and its unique properties

HARDOX steel is becoming more and more popular on the Ukrainian market.
The main criteria that determined such popularity were: high indicators of mechanical characteristics in comparison with other steels. This is primarily hardness, strength, stability of geometric and physical properties.


The high wear resistance of Hardox steel is determined by its hardness. However, unlike other brands of steel produced by competitors, Hardox® steel maintains its stated hardness not only on its surface, but throughout the entire volume. This property allows it to effectively resist wear during the long service life of the products, without changing their properties.


Hardox® high-strength steel sheet products show amazing resistance to the effects of various aggressive environments, benefiting both equipment,
and the business of our customers.

Hardox® steel is tough enough not to crack.

Exceptional impact toughness allows Hardox® steel products to withstand vibration, impact, friction, shocks and other loads. These products are easily subjected to any mechanical processing – bending, forming, welding, showing resistance to the appearance and propagation of cracks. In aggressive environments, where unpredictable breakdowns can not only cause significant material damage, but also endanger the preservation of property and the safety of people, the use of Hardox® sheet metal minimizes all these risks, protecting equipment from failure.

Structural properties

Impact toughness: This is the fundamental difference between Hardox® steel sheet and ordinary, even wear-resistant steel. That is why Hardox® steel can also be used in metal structures. It can easily be bent, shaped, and welded without losing its unique properties. Along with a high yield strength, this feature allows the manufacture of Hardox® steel products with a significantly reduced own weight, which ultimately increases their competitiveness, giving the opportunity to increase the payload.


Choosing HARDOTEC you choose real confidence in the product.

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In the production of parts we use high-strength steels from the Swedish concern SSAB


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