Duroxite steel


It is made by welding chromium-containing, abrasion-resistant materials to a mild steel plate. The surface hard layer is well resistant to intense abrasive wear and can also be used when working in conditions of moderate impact. If the surface layer consists of several deposited layers, it is able to provide full wear resistance at temperatures up to 350 ºC and a typical surface hardness of 55 HRC at elevated temperatures up to 540°C. DUROXITE 100 is available in the form of single-layer or multi-layer structures up to 20 mm thick.

Main advantages

Wear resistance is guaranteed to be preserved from the surface up to 75% of the layer thickness.

Optimum selection of the composition of carbides, which provides a good combination of wear resistance and homogeneous adhesion.

Good formability due to step cracking on the deposited surface

Typical areas of application

DUROXITE 100 is widely used in the mining, power generation, cement production, dredging, steel production, waste processing, glass and pulp and paper industries. Some specific applications include: coal trays, jaw crushers, hoppers, fan blades, trays for pipelines, air ducts for mills, protective covers for quarry dump trucks, blades for bulldozer buckets , dragline trays, excavators.

Standard sizes

By thickness (hard ball + soft base, mm): 3+5, 4+6, 6+8, 10+10
Sheet dimensions, mm.: 1400×3000

Surface hardness, HRC with the number of deposited layers

One layer: 55…57 HRC (590…630 HV)
Two layers: 59 …62 HRC (675 …750 HV)
Three or more layers: 60 … 64 HRC (700 … 810 HV)

Terms of delivery

Duroxite 100 is usually supplied in a “post-weld“ condition

Duroxite 500

Designed for applications involving abrasive wear and high impact loads in dry and wet environments. Duroxite 500 can replace cast materials, titanium carbide coatings, products or ceramic materials.

Applications suitable for Duroxite 500 include rocks up to approximately 0.5 x 0.5m falling from 5m and below. The pad contains a unique large volume of ultrafine chromium-niobium with a complex borocarbide phase with a grain size of up to 500 nm. Complex borocarbides are completely wetted in the plastic matrix, preventing premature delamination during pull-out, crack initiation and overlapping. The result is a product with a significantly increased service life, which retains high impact toughness under sliding friction and high impact loads.

Duroxite 500 coating contains ultra-thin complex borocarbides, which are 200 times
thinner compared to primary carbides in Duroxite 100 (welded chromium carbide).

The wear resistance of Duroxite 500 is very similar to Duroxite 100 (with a weight loss in the G65 A procedure, a maximum of 0.18 g in laboratory tests).

Duroxite 500’s impact resistance is six times better than Duroxite 100’s.
Maintains constant wear resistance of the surface up to 75% in depth. It has the same hardness in thickness from 67 to 70 HRC for single and multilayer.
surfacing Maintains high hardness of about 60 HRC after exposure to high temperatures up to 600°C.

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