HARDOX pipes

HARDOX pipes

Pipes made from wear-resistant and high-strength steels HARDOX

HARDOX pipes




HARDOX steel can be used to produce wear-resistant and high-strength pipes with a diameter of 400 – 1000 mm.
Such pipes can be used to move liquid and granular masses that are highly abrasive.
The specific parameters of the pipes depend on the thickness and grade of steel used.

The length of one pipe section depends on the diameter and thickness of the material, and is primarily determined by the length of the bending rollers.

If it is necessary to obtain long blanks, they can be welded from separate sections.

The photographs show sections of pipes made of HARDOX 500 steel with a thickness of 8 mm and a diameter of 700 mm.

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In the production of parts we use high-strength steels from the Swedish concern SSAB


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